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Ascend Care’s Product Portfolio will provide an extensive gamut of products in the field of Health & Personal care which would be an innovation to facilitate the treatment of any ailment or condition.
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Ascend Care offers a fast paced Career Development for the right Individual with the required Product knowledge or Industry experience.
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Business Partnership or Distributorship – Sales
Ascend Care’s Sales Partnership Plans or Distribution

Business Partnerships - Sales or Distribution is a term which means, when a commercial entity has some form of alliance with another individual or commercial entity. This relationship may be a highly contractual, an exclusive type of bond in which both entities commit not to ally with third parties in their own capacities and realm of their mutual Product or Service profile.

Alternatively, it is an arrangement designed largely to impress, service, supply customers and largely to undersize competitors with the size of the network the Business Partners belong to.

Most people start or join a Business Partnerships today with the ultimate goal of succeeding one day, at a return commensurate with the substantial investment of time and money incurred over a period.

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The first stage of the Business Partnership is the time to determine what each person can bring to the partnership in terms of contacts, level of engagement, as well as to see how each views their commitment to the proposition, their vision, and the time line they see for its development to be able to move forward successfully.

We in Ascend care will assist and guide individuals (non entrepreneurs who are looking for an ideal opportunity to be an entrepreneur) and independent entrepreneurs, new and existing startups, experienced and mature companies for becoming the right partners in our business.

For us, Distribution or Business Partnerships is a networking tool to establish our base on a Local, Regional, National & International geographical expanse to search & reach the market segment for our products through successful Alliance with suitable and like minded Partners.

For us, Distribution or Business Partners are any Individuals, Startups, Small and Medium sized businesses, who are keen to join us and partake in our growth.

We in Ascend care would assist anyone in formulating a strategic Alliance Plan based on their past experience, area of operation, product or industry knowledge, business experience, if any , & we will screen and study in depth all potential Business Partnership requests and plans, submitted or sent to us.

A Business Partnership plan and motive is defined as "the use of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to plan and implement activities" to meet the needs of the stakeholder which may be the CUSTOMER / MARKET or even one ownself ".

Basic Requirement for Appointment of a Distribution Partner
Ascend care’s Sales Business Partners or Domestic Distributor Requirement. health chennai
Any Distributor or Sales Partner will be chosen and appointed in every District, in each State of India, for the Domestic Markets and will be decided and finalised seperately for International Markets depending on the Product and Market potential in each District or territory or country based on the number and size of Hospitals & Medical Service Cluster existing in each territory.
A prospective or interested Distribution Partner would be selected for appointment to represent any one or more of our product offerings if he (or) she –
  • Owns a Surgical (or any) company or organization in the area (District)
  • Has all the required statutory registration & Certification requirements
  • Has the necessary Infrastructure to Stock / Market / Deliver / Sell etc.
  • Does not represent or sell any competitor's products
  • Agrees to our terms for Partnership
  • Has Financial Capacity to invest in stocks
  • Possesses a good name and repute in the area among the Customer Segment
  • Has a vision to Grow
  • Has the required interest in promoting our specific Product line
  • Does not have too many product representations to lose focus on our Product
  • Must be computer Literate for Handling Software
If an Individual who does not own a company and wishes to become a Distribution Partner, would be considered for Business partnership based on the following criteria:
  • Works for a Surgical or Pharma Company and has good experience and excellent contacts in the area among the customer segment.
  • Wishes to be on his or her own and grow by starting own buisness
  • May or may not have experience in the specific product line but is willing and keen to learn and market.
  • Agrees to work exclusively for our product (s) in the Area
healthcare partnership Anyone who qualifies to our requirement may apply for Distributorship by filling and submitting the Business Partnership Data form online.
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